Corrin Silverwood
Gender: Male
Race: High elf
Faction: Independent
Occupation: Leader
Short description: Lord Corrin Silverwood is the leader of the elven community of Thya Alora, with final authority over the small council running the city.
Full description: Early history undeveloped.

Lord Silverwood has held his current position for over a thousand of his two thousand years of life. He has always been a fair ruler, and while his taciturn personality doesn't earn him many friends, his people do well to put their trust in him.

Shortly after rising to his current status, he met and fell in love with a young elven woman, a golden-haired beauty, and before long, they were married. She was everything he was not: trusting, merciful, impulsive, and lighthearted. While her status accorded no actual power, she held his ear, and it was a golden age for their people; she tempered his decisions and gave their people recourse if they felt wronged.

After centuries of this bliss, they decided to try to have a child, which took decades of trying, though ultimately they were successful, but their bliss was gone. She fell deeply into the severe postpartum depression common among elves, and not six months had passed before she died. Corrin reverted to his old self before he met her, but now he had a child to raise: a daughter he named Aletta. She had his dark hair and grey eyes, but as she grew, she developed her mother's face, with a few sharper angles from her father.

He raised her well, and the two of them were close through her first two centuries as she grew up and began to fill the role her mother had for her people. The rift between them formed abruptly when Aletta decided to pursue the next phase of her education away from home; Corrin had a hard time letting her go, and it still pains him to this day. He thought it would be temporary and Aletta would return home after a brief stint in the outside world, but she didn't. At first he blamed the vampire that had convinced her to stay, Jaquelyn de Vere, but he's since come to respect her and blame Aletta entirely for abandoning her people and abandoning him. For the past century, their relationship has been nonexistent since Aletta publicly stepped down from her position with their people, and Corrin has tried not to let it affect him, but he's become a little colder in that time. As it stands now, he and his daughter aren't on speaking terms, but he maintains his people's alliance with the Shadow Court.
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