Gender: N/A, presenting as female
Race: Aquasrian
Faction: The Shadow Court
Occupation: Princess
Short description: An aquasrian with insatiable curiosity, Cordelia left her parents' underwater domain to explore the human world, where she has made friends in the Shadow Court.
Full description: Cordelia began life most of a millennium ago as the first naturally spawned aquasrian, born to two major aquasrian lords: Poseidon and Mazu. For centuries, she explored the kingdoms of her parents, with a form of pure water shaped only by her imagination, until her curiosity grew great enough that she began to explore the land. At first, no matter what form she took, land-dwellers of all kinds feared her, and communication in either direction was impossible. Eventually, an elven mage, Aletta Silverbreeze, came to investigate on the behalf of the Shadow Court, and finally succeeded in communicating with the aquasrian and helping her adapt to existing on land. Cordelia copied Aletta's physical form and learned from her to understand speech as used by land-dwellers. During this period of learning how land-dwellers lived, interacted, and thought, she assigned herself a name and a gender for convenience.

Since then, Cordelia has mostly followed Aletta, working for the Shadow Court as she's needed, but devoting most of her time to discovering more about life out of the water. For her, this means travelling and learning as much as she can about the physical sciences as well as the anatomy and psychology of various land-dwelling species. Despite the knowledge she continues to amass, she remains naive and trusting, and while the Shadow Court trusts her with advanced feats of healing and weather control, she can't be trusted to navigate the perils of the surface world alone. Luckily for her, she doesn't have to; she and Aletta have become fast friends and Aletta helps her navigate and learn about the surface world while Cordelia shares knowledge of the underwater one she came from.
See Testing the Waters.


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