Aletta Silverbreeze

Aletta Silverbreeze

Archmage of the Shadow Court
Female High elf, born 1068 CE
Known as: Lady Silverbreeze, my lady, Lady Aletta (close friends), Aletta (close friends, only in private)
Faction: The Shadow Court
Occupation: Archmage of the Shadow Court
Location: Shadow Court headquarters
Playby: Katie McGrath
Appeared age: 25
Height: 5'11"
Build: Slender
Hair: Dark brown, straight (occasionally curled), long
Eyes: Gray
Clothing preference: Traditional elven clothing when among her people. When among humans, dresses as a human noblewoman, though she avoids some of the more ostentatious human fashions.
Miscellaneous: Pale skin, high cheekbones, pointed tips on ears, typical high elf features
Personality: For the most part, she’s fairly down-to-earth and practical, and usually maintains the high elf stereotype of being aloof; however, when it comes to learning and education, as well as people she cares about, she can become very passionate and even hot-headed. Elves older than her see her passion and occasional temper as signs of youth and expect her to grow out of both.
Motivator(s): Education, understanding, beneficence
Fears: Her greatest fear, losing her standing among her people and her relationship with her father, has already come to pass
Religion: Quietly religious, with outward expression only among her people. Knows her gods, as well as others, exist, and doesn't judge others for their beliefs or assert the predominance of her own.
Abilities: Being the archmage, she’s naturally a powerful magic user with diverse abilities, but she specializes in air and weather magics.
Skills: Archery, horseback riding, singing, languages, diplomacy, knowledge of the lore of her people as well as others, everything one might expect of a noble-born elf and diplomat
Weaknesses: Burnout due to the immense power her spells often require
Equipment: Varies
Family: Father is the lord and ruler of her people, elves inhabiting a carefully preserved, ancient forested region of Ireland. Mother died in the months after giving birth to her as is unfortunately common among female elves.
Relationships: Jaquelyn de Vere (close friend and liege), Cordelia (close friend), Lunette Kara (Aletta helps raise and educate her). Knows and works with most mages above a certain rank in the Court as well as high-ranking Court officials in other fields.
Education: Apprenticed under various elven mages for the first two centuries of her life and continues researching more advanced magic as she can.
History: Aletta was born in an isolated elven city in Ireland, where she spent the first two centuries of her life. From a very young age, she studied with elven mages who saw her potential, and she progressed quickly while her curiosity drove to dive into as many areas of study as possible. Surrounded by skilled mages, feats of power and finesse became mundane to her until only the complex and abstract theoretical reaches of magic pushed her limits.

She was always close to her father, and learned from him diplomacy and fairness watching him conduct his business as ruler of her people. After her mother died, her people valued her even more, and she became a symbol of a bright future to them. She was accorded a status almost equal to that of her father, and given more responsibilities as she grew up. When she wanted to leave to see the world and seek further training, her people couldn’t fathom why their beloved princess would leave them, but reluctantly let her go.

After travelling for some time, Aletta eventually allied herself with Jaquelyn de Vere (known at the time as Agnes of Essex), the vampire Countess of Oxford, training mages under her. Mages seeking training flocked to her as her reputation grew, and to her father's dismay, this included many elves from her home. It wasn't long before Aletta earned a leadership position and she and Jaquelyn became fast friends. Within eight decades of meeting Jaquelyn, Aletta had become her most trusted advisor and right hand, leading the fledgling Court in Jaquelyn's absence. During this time, she returned home only rarely, and her relationship with her father, who blamed Jaquelyn for his daughter's extended absence, was strained at best.

Finally, after calling in favors from her people for Jaquelyn and revealing the degree to which she trusted Jaquelyn to them, Aletta found all the goodwill her people held towards her spent. She was stripped of her official status and estranged from her father, and she has not returned home since, instead devoting all her time to the growing Shadow Court.
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