The Shadow Court is made up of the vampire Jaquelyn de Vere's personal network of alliances with independent elven, dwarven, and shapeshifter communities. Initially created just to ensure the protection of her own land, it has now grown to span several human countries. It serves several purposes: maintaining the safety and ignorance of humans to the threats around them; bringing order and stability to uneasy relations between nations; and creating a place in the supernatural and human world where vampires are respected instead of feared. Some of these alliances are tenuous, while others are more stable, and Jaquelyn's primary aim for the moment is growing and strengthening her sphere of influence and trust.

The Ember Dynasty, currently dominated by the Shimiku clan, governs Xiaochun, an important region in Tancho. The Shimiku clan's greatest strength is its seers, who allow the dynasty to tap into supernatural powers granted by their god of fate. Using these gifts, the Shimikus try to steer the world towards whatever future they deem ideal. Yara Shimiku is the current matriarch of the Shimiku clan.

The Sacred Gale Tribe of snow elves takes its leadership from its monks, who, by speaking to the wind, are able to divine impressions of past events. Under the guidance of the most revered of these monks, Khalama Tranquilgale, they use their visions of the past to help the faction avoid repeating ancient mistakes.

Radiant Church, starts out as religion, fairly common in Shadow Court lands, fairly uncommon in Shimiku lands.
Scarecrow's religion starts out looking innocent, quietly present from the beginning, slowly appears to be more of a cult.


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