Lunnett Kára

Lunnett Kára

Student of the Shadow Court
Female Nephilim, born 1212
Known as: Marjorie (alias)
Faction: The Shadow Court
Occupation: Student of the Shadow Court
Location: Shadow Court
Appeared age: early teens.
Height: 5.2
Build: Slim/muscular
Hair: Curly silver/white locks that reach down to her lower back.
Eyes: Hazel gray, Gold when using powers
Clothing preference: Lunnett prefers comfort over style when i come to clothing. She can be often seen wearing plain tunics and tights with the occasional hooded cloak on a heavily weathered day. She only wears formal dresses when absolutely necessary for social reasons or if forced.
Miscellaneous: Has several ceremonial like scars traced all over her body stopping at her collar bone. Lunnett carries a lot shame from the marks and often hides them under layers of cloths.
Personality: Lunnett has always been a bold and curious individual seeking new adventures wherever they lie. This impulsive behavior used to get her into trouble with authority figures in her life such as Jackie or Aletta but, has since been quailed after he enslavement. She is a thrill seeker and has a passion for life but don't let all of her positivity fool you. After being enslaved she adopted a colder mentality to strangers become much more distrusting. If she's not interested and doesn't know you Lunnett isn't listening. All in all Lunnett is a joy to be around if you have her trust but, she can quickly turn wrathful when crossed.
Motivator(s): Pride, Birthright, Freedom
Fears: Chains, Jailhouses and small blades. (they remind her of own scars)
Habits: Napping, Bird watching, Painting landscapes, Naming animals and practical jokes
Religion: Believes in the Norse Gods she was born from.
Abilities: Greatly enhanced speed and strength, minor telepathy, Strong Empath, Can sense evil and evil intent through smell touch and sight. Immune to offensive celestial magic.
Skills: Sword fighting, Archery, Riding, basic ladyship jobs, drawing, painting and Taming
Weaknesses: Weak to demonic magic
Equipment: Bow, buckler, short sword, a nap-sack carrying several trinkets. She always carries two journals one for bird watching the other for documenting new creatures she finds.
Family: Mother, Alvor (655-717), died of illness when Lunnett was in her thirties. She was a close friend to Jaquelyn in the early days of the Shadow Court and asked her to watch over Lunnett upon her death. Lunnett still harbors feelings of abandonment towards her. Lunnett's father is an unknown angel. She has only meet him once and rarely thinks of him. God-mother, Jaquelyn. While their relationship can seem very rough from time to time because of all the fighting they do. Lunnett has come to love and respect her god-mother more so than she did her mother. Believing that Jaquelyn truly stood by her when Alvor didn't have the conviction to.
Relationships: Barbazul(old friend), Jaquelyn(God-mother), Aletta (Mentor), Cordelia(Mentor) Rhea (guardian)
Education: Formal elven teachings from Aletta. Topography and map making from Cordeila as well as random tutors hired by Jaquelyn for other things.
History: Lunnett was a blessing bestowed on the Virgin Valkyrie Alvor Kára for her diligence and loyalty towards her cause. Being the last Valkyrie of her time she was granted one wish for remaining loyal to a dying cause. Knowing that her pledge included celibacy she asked for a child to pass her legacy and love to. Lunnett was to ensure that the family name and history would live on past Alvor's death. As time passed it became clear that Lunnett was not aging as normal girls do. At age 8 she retained the body of a toddler even though possessing the strength of a grown man. Understanding that she would most likely die before her daughter became of age. Alvor began to travel with Lunnett looking for a safe refuge and way to ensure her child would be raised in good hands past her enviable death Thankfully fate brought Alvor to the door steps of a young Jaquelyn. In exchange for safety for her daughter in the arms of the Shadow Court Alvor became one of the first and closest knights of Jaquelyn's Court. In the early days after her mothers passing, Lunnett resented Jaquelyn. She didn't fully understand the situation her birth put her mother in. To her Jaquelyn was just a stern lady who constantly took her mother away and said no all the time. Lunnett watched old age and sickness creep upon her mother. Each day as her mother grew older and more feeble everyone else seemed to stay the same. As her death drew closer Lunnett rejected her own faiths moralities and pleaded for her mother to become undead like those around them. Alvors refusal to the idea only made Lunnett grew more aggressive and closed in. Upon her mothers death Lunnett's attitude only grew worse until it was corrected by Jaquelyn. From there began a slow process of healing, trust, and understanding. Things didn't always go smoothly but, the pair learned how to get along for a time. As Lunnet grew older however her rebellious nature only got worse. Eventually her reckless behavior got her kidnapped, tortured, and, sold into gladiatorial slavery. There she learned the harsh lessons of the world she have been previously shielded from for so long. With Rhea's protection and Jaquelyns guidance Lunnett was able to escape her perilous situation and return home. Now wiser from her hardships apart from her adoptive mother, Lunnett works to prove her worth and live up to legacy left behind for her.
RP sample: The world blurred into view in a top like fashion things seemly unraveling into place around her. ‘Drug’s’ her brain muttered as if she was speaking to someone who could actually hear it. ‘You! dont? Have! the drugs.. Wait?!? No one is!’  Thankfully enough reason kicked into her brain to shush her incoherent rambling. She wasn't home or around anything familiar and she couldn’t quite see through all of the fog around the world. Her normal optical sense where becoming too much of a headache. She wanted to looked around with her true sight but, the creature in front of her wouldn’t shut up. Its question echoing over and over in her head. ‘Drugs can't think right hold on’ Lunnett desperately wanted to answer the damned thing but, she couldn’t form a complete line of thought. If she had been drugged she knew that speaking out loud to the rescue party was a bad thing. Something was asking when she was born and an it was an odd spiky creature had to be home right?

Wrong! The world now violently shook back and forth a warm liquid filled Lunnetts mouth; she could feel something hard floating around in there now. Pain rushed to join the circus in her head that was dizziness and confusion. Lunnett’s head suddenly felt so heavy she let it drop down and letting what she hoped to be spit fall from her mouth. A high pitched laughter followed by several other mumblings. She couldn’t make sense of anything in all this confusion. Closing her eyes shut, Lunnett tried to gather herself. Practically begging her head to clear up so she could focus. The world obliged; lifting her head up and forcing her mouth open. The creature shoved something  hard and metal in her mouth. It poked and prodded then suddenly pulled bringing a new level to pain to Lunnett. Her adrenaline more than kicked in now. She knew exactly what was going on. She was hanging by her wrists naked and bound in a dark room. Trapped with a stranger who just violently removed two teeth from her mouth and it really hurt.

“Hey look on the brightside darling. They were just baby teeth well…….unless you're not a elf. Then who knows!?!! I suppose who knows is you but they could not have been. I mean I would know and I wouldn’t have needed to do that if you would just answer my damn question!”

Lunnett gasped for air letting the immense pain take away her breath to keep her from screaming her lungs off. Hyper ventilating through her mouth she couldn’t sniffle she couldn't cry not matter how much she wanted to. Not many things have golden tears certainly not any elf. This drow was not playing with her she need to answer now but, what was she even saying earlier? Lunnett needed to think fast what could she say right now to prove she was an elf and worth something? The truth or at least the truth her god family raised her with. She is an half-elf with royal blood after all. Lunnett opened her mouth to answer blood flowing out her lips between each word. “Aletta Silverbreeze is my adoptive mother. I am the half-elf Lunnett.” Pausing in between her words she feinted the pain a bit more. While wincing from her trauma she wiggled her body around her bounds to see just how tight they were. It wasn't a hard to put up the front since it was all very real for her but, it would give her a bit of time see just how trapped she was.

She could think again which sucked in the pain department but great in the whole escaping thing. Lunnett knew she was going to do two things when she got out one was free that bear. The second being taking this drows teeth all at once probably along with her jaw. Anger was slowly starting to beat out pain and fear. Mairead certainly looked scary enough sure but Lunnett knew some thing she didn’t. Her bounds could not hold her. The chains around her wrist could for sure. The most she could do is maybe bend them enough to get her own skin stuck in it links. The rope however a was something entirely different and all Lunnett needed was one good kick. All she had to do is stall this conversation out long enough to recover her strength from this encounter.
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