Tenzin Mistwing

Tenzin Mistwing

Ambassador from the Hallowed Pillar to the Elemental Quadrant
Female Snow elf, born 850 CE
Known as: Ambassador Mistwing, Lady Mistwing, Tenzin
Faction: The Radiant Church
Occupation: Ambassador from the Hallowed Pillar to the Elemental Quadrant
Location: Travelling
Playby: Pyper America Smith
Appeared age: Mid-twenties
Height: 6'1"
Build: Slender
Hair: Platinum blonde
Eyes: Blue
Clothing preference: Traditional clothing for her people. Dresses, robes, and cloaks lined with fur in thick fabrics and light colors
Miscellaneous: Spiral birth mark on her right shoulder, opposite Tashi's
Personality: She is a calm, conscientious, and level-headed person, and can be an engaging conversationalist when she wants to be. These traits are her greatest qualifications for job representing her tribe, along with her conventional religious and political beliefs. However, she also tends towards pessimism and disagreeableness when she doesn't specifically need to get along with someone for political reasons. She sees herself, her brother, and her tribe as playing an important part in bringing enlightenment and liberation to the surrounding nations and the world at large. Her sense of humor is generally cynical and dry, except when sharing inside jokes with her brother.
Motivator(s): Liberation, education, nobility/honor
Fears: Being underground, tight spaces in general, her brother's recklessness getting him into trouble, separation anxiety from her brother
Habits: Pacing, tapping
Religion: Orthodox believer in her faith (worships the wind god Tyr), tolerant of other religions, with occasional expression of beliefs, but never trying to convert others
Abilities: Air and water elemental magics and arcane magic. She has wide and deep knowledge of arcane and elemental magics, and great finesse in casting spells, but a very limited amount of power to draw on
Skills: Singing, flute, strategy games (chess, etc.), memory games, conversation, politics
Weaknesses: She has very limited magic power when compared to most other elves, and can be overcome by brute force
Equipment: Staff intended both for focusing magic power, as a symbol of status, and a walking/climbing aid
Family: Tashi Whitewind is her twin brother. She grew up alongside him and they have stayed together for her whole life, though they followed very different paths in their studies. Tashi and Tenzin are distant cousins of Khalama Tranquilgale, the leader of their tribe, though they were never personally close. They were mid-ranking members of House Tranquilgale, so they were free enough to pick their own professions, but they are trusted enough to represent their clan in the Elemental Quadrant.
Relationships: Tashi Whitewind (twin brother), Khalama Tranquilgale (tribe leader and distant cousin. Influential but not close)
Education: Private tutors of diverse backgrounds, and apprenticeships to more skilled mages among her people
History: Tashi and Tenzin's parents tried to teach and encourage them to follow their footsteps in the dye trade, a profitable, but uninteresting trade to the children, though no alternative seemed clear to Tenzin. When they were still young, under a century old, they both found their respective callings by accident, when during one particularly strong blizzard, Tenzin realized Tashi was missing, and went out alone to look for him. Lost in the whiteout, with no landmarks to guide her, she pressed on, following a burning sense that she was going in the right direction, until she heard a call echoing nearby. Following the sound and that sense, which only grew stronger, she began digging into a large snow bank to reveal Tashi, feeble and weakened. Trying desperately to dig him out, all she accomplished was to bury herself with him. Tashi was ready to accept their fate, but Tenzin refused.

Focusing all her energy on digging to save her brother from being crushed and create a safe shelter for the night, she found a new strength when the snow moved, compressing itself at her command. With a few more tries, she was able to create a small cave where they could rest and recover their strength until she dug them out in the morning to find the blizzard over and familiar landmarks around them to navigate home by. This night changed both of them; Tashi would now not be swayed from his dream of becoming a windspeaker, and Tenzin had discovered her natural gift for learning magic, as well as her telepathic link with Tashi.

They spent the next century and a half finishing their training in their chosen professions, until it was time to undertake their traditional pilgrimages and come of age. This was the first time the two were separated for any length of time, and Tenzin did not take it well. For four years, she wandered the human world, and while she knew she needed to find a place to complete her pilgrimage, she couldn't find any compelling reason to settle anywhere in particular.
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