Eva Misthaven
Gender: Female
Race: High elf
Faction: The Shadow Court
Occupation: Lady in waiting
Short description: Eva, a bright, cheery elf, is Jaquelyn de Vere's lady in waiting and one of her closest friends, as well as a fully-trained healer. In her capacity as lady in waiting, she is deeply involved in whatever political goals Jaquelyn is trying to achieve at any time.
Full description: Eva had never quite fit in among her people, being unusually demonstrative for an elf, so when she met and befriended Jaquelyn near the end of her apprenticeship as a healer and realized the world outside was different, she jumped on the first chance to leave with Jaquelyn when she came of age. Since then, she has served Jaquelyn as a lady in waiting, while also lending her talents as a healer when needed. Being in this position, she is more likely than anyone else to be at Jaquelyn's side at any given moment, especially when Jaquelyn is travelling for political reasons.

Eva has a cheery demeanor and a tendency to gossip, though she knows when to hold her tongue. She is often the first to pick up on the local scandals, which she keeps Jaquelyn well-apprised of, and she has been known to use these skills discreetly to sabotage Jaquelyn's political enemies on more than one occasion.
History prior to meeting Jaquelyn, appearance (image provided is one suggested playby, but not required), other aspects of her personality, and relationships with other characters are all open to your ideas.


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