Accounts and registration
When registering, please register an out of character (OOC) account first. Any in character (IC) accounts created after this can be linked to your OOC account using the Account Switcher (located in your User CP). 

Only one character is allowed per account, but there is no limit on how many characters/accounts you can create.

Your IC account usernames should be your character's first and last name, properly capitalized. Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis.

If you are aware that you won’t be able to post for a while or that a certain character will be inactive for a while, please set the "Away" field in your User CP with an estimated date of your return. If you play a character whose absence would stall important plots, your character can be written out of the plot, taken over by another player temporarily or permanently, considered missing, or killed off. If you have a preference, try to make it known before your absence, but if you've been absent for a month and a major plot is being held up, one of these may happen to your character.

We encourage you to choose playbys to help others visualize your character, but these do not necessarily have to be real people. For a list of playbys that are already in use see this thread. For help finding a playby see this thread, or ask in the Graphics forum.

Feel free to choose an avatar and signature that you feel represent your character, but keep them tasteful. No visible genitalia, breasts, or excessive gore. It’s your responsibility to ensure that you do not post copyrighted images, and that you give credit when credit is due. Please limit avatar size to 150x200 and signature size to 550x250. If you need help resizing your images accordingly, or would like to request help creating an avatar and/or signature, post a request in the Graphics forum. 

Mature content
Mature content may only be posted in the Mature board. Members over 18 may gain access to the Mature board through the Shop system. Outside the Mature board, we'd like to use the RPG rating system as a guideline. Click the image below for more info.

[Image: 322.png] 

Forbidden characters
  • Any character from an existing book, movie, television show, anime, comic, etc.
  • Gods of any sort
Metagaming, powerplaying, and godmoding

If you feel one of your RP partners is doing any of these things, first try talking to them about it, and if you don't feel like your problem has been resolved, contact a staff member.

We define metagaming as using knowledge acquired out of character in character. Always remember that your character doesn’t know anything about another character or the overall plot just because you, the writer, do. This means your character doesn’t know another character’s name, address, faction, or even race (if the race could pass for human), simply because it’s listed on his/her profile page. Your character doesn’t know the situation of another character without having heard it just because you, the writer, read it in another thread. 

We define powerplaying as manipulating your own character's skills and abilities to unfairly control a situation. 

We define godmoding as role playing actions for another character. This is most commonly an issue in fight scenes, so pay attention to your wording. You must give your opponent a chance to react to your actions.

Godmoding example:
Player A: Player A stabbed player B in the shoulder, then smashed a bottle over his head, knocking him out cold.
Player B has no opportunity to react to any of Player A’s actions

Good role playing example:
Player A: Player A tried to stab player B in the shoulder, then aimed a bottle for his head.
Player B: Player B managed to evade the knife with only a graze, but failed to notice the bottle until too late and staggered back, dazed.

Another example of godmoding is stating or implying that another character will have an expected emotional reaction, such as describing another character as scared during your character’s attempt to intimidate him/her.

Post length
We do have a 200 word minimum. If the occasional post is shorter than this, it won’t be deserving of a warning or ban, but don’t make a habit of it. 

All posts should be written in third person past tense (with the exception of the Journals forum). Decent grammar is expected, so please proofread your posts before submitting them.

New content
We welcome your ideas for additional races, magic systems, plots, and more. However, new content may not directly contradict preexisting content.


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