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Last post was Eva Misthaven, 08-28-2017, 05:55 PM by Dusk

Race: yeah
Born in: 1988
Gender: male
Faction: The Elemental Quadrant
Occupation: writer
iam well ,good in character


Last Post: Barbazul, 08-29-2017, 09:28 PM
Race: Nephilim
Born in: don't know
Gender: Male
Faction: The Shadow Court
Occupation: Royal Assassin
Barbazul works for Jaquelyn de Vere as her assassin and sometime shadowy bodyguard. He is fairly lighthearted, despite his grim work, and he would do almost anything for Jaquelyn, as she saved him from his demon father some time ago.

Lunnett Kára

Last Post: Lunnett Kara, 08-29-2017, 04:08 PM
Race: Nephilim
Born in: 1212
Gender: Female
Faction: The Shadow Court
Occupation: Student of the Shadow Court
Lunnett is fiery girl with a strong pride and sense of justice. She constantly works to prove her worth to those around her and show her own independence. Although she is well over a century old her mind has not fully matured. This tends to make her more hot headed than her peers. However at the core of Lunnett's being is a thrill seeking untamed spirit whose heart speaks to the wilds. Few things excite her more than the prospect of a new adventure or wild beast to tame.

Tenzin Mistwing

Last Post: Tenzin Mistwing, 08-29-2017, 12:04 AM
Race: Snow elf
Born in: 850 CE
Gender: Female
Faction: The Radiant Church
Occupation: Ambassador from the Hallowed Pillar to the Elemental Quadrant
Tenzin and her brother represent the Sacred Gale tribe in the Elemental Quadrant.
Race: High elf
Born in: 1068 CE
Gender: Female
Faction: The Shadow Court
Occupation: Archmage of the Shadow Court
Aletta Silverbreeze educates and leads both human and elven mages under the Shadow Court. She is one of Jaquelyn's most trusted advisors and right hand.
Race: Vampire
Born in: 607 CE
Gender: Female
Faction: The Shadow Court
Occupation: Leader of the Shadow Court
Jaquelyn de Vere, a vampire and noblewoman, presides over the Shadow Court to bring order and security to her growing territory.

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